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DFW Tree Trimming | Tree Pruning

The right choice for all of your tree care needs.  Our prices are very reasonable.  Actually, our price-to-quality ratio cant be beat!  DFW Tree Trimming Service has been your local tree service for over 30 years.  Call now or fill out the form below for service.

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Tree Trimming | Residential & Commercial Tree Care

DFW Tree Trimming Service is proud to serve the residents and businesses of the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.  If you want your trees trimmed properly and at a great price, you need look no further; we are the right company at the right price.  A Certified Arborist is on every job to ensure that your trees are taken care of properly.  Call 214-579-5995 today to schedule a free estimate.

Is Tree Trimming the same as Tree Pruning?  The answer is no.  They are two different things entirely.  Tree Trimming is considered tree maintenance, which is very necessary for landscape trees in suburbia.  Trimming is removing sucker shoots after they have served their purpose, removing dead wood, lifting the canopy, and thinning the crown.  Tree Trimming is necessary for optimal tree health and aesthetics.  Tree Pruning is necessary for any tree that produces nuts, fruit, and/or flowers.  The purpose of pruning is not about aesthetics as much as it about helping the tree produce more or less nuts, fruits or flowers.  Tree pruning is a more aggressive type of trimming that is performed by a knowledgeable person that is aware of the cause and effect of each cut. 



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